Aleks Fadini

Electronic Music Portfolio

  • "What interests me when listening to music is something I haven't heard before.,...a twist, a surprise, notes that are a little bit different. For this reason, I smiled more than once while listening to Alessandro Fadini's music."
    Marc Copland
  • "A wealth of full-blown music coming from every side, from Fadini’s fascination with contrast, tension, and exit markers..."
    AXS - Carol Banks Weber
  • "It reflects this young, up-and-comer’s fresh appreciation for jazz improvisation and natural affinity for songwriting."
    AXS - Carol Banks Weber
  • "Listeners will find the music endlessly fascinating in spite of the liberties the musicians take with harmony and hidden melodies."
    AXS - Carol Banks Weber
  • " …tightly wound backstreet riff that unfolds like the storms that blow in off the Atlantic. Snoopy would have it no other way."
    ELMORE MAGAZINE - Mike Jurkovic
  • "Pianist Alessandro Fadini brings together a subtly swinging session that is filled with lovely pastels."
    JAZZ WEEKLY - George Harris
  • "Thoughtful, filled with the pastels and grey shadows of song."
    JAZZ WEEKLY - George Harris
  • "seemingly never missing a single note in his aggressive runs and solos"
    ALIBI - Kent Miller
  • "über-proficient piano playing"
    ALIBI - Kent Miller
  • "une conception gemoetrique du clavier, faite de perpendiculaires, de parallélismes et de jeux en miroir, pour des restutats plaisants autant que fort logiques"
    JAZZ MAGAZINE - Ludovic Florin (France)
  • "une recherche menée dans l’esprit de modernes tels que Steve Lehman et Vijay Iyer […] immediatement accessible, y compris pour ce qui concerne l’aspect rythmique, la clarté…"
    JAZZ MAGAZINE - Ludovic Florin (France)


I plan to release more electronic music on Bandcamp:


I releaed some electronic music on Audius under the pseudonym BlueKomet:

Videogame Music

I love working on the videogame soundtrack and songs. The most significant project so far has been the entire soundtrack of SpaceEars, the first roguelike sci-fi game which trains your ears.

Here are some other projects I collaborated with and some other excerpts:


Game Description: Indie - Old School RPG (under development)

Music Genre: Chip Music / Retro / Indie / Experimental

Check out the Game Website


"City Dweller"

"Killer On The Loose"

"Urban Mist"

Watch one of the videos:

"Dragons Of Might (imaginary title)"

Game Description: Fantasy RPG

Music Genre: Fantasy / Epic / Medieval


"Epic Chant"

"Destination Orion (imaginary title)"

Game Description: Space Sim

Music Genre: Sci-Fi / Electronic / Atmospheric


"ETA Orion"

"Energy Channel"

"Commute To Mars"

YouTube Scoring

I like to create music on demand to meet the specific needs of a YouTube Creator. Here are some examples of music I created on commission for YouTube collaborations:

"Isaac Arthur YouTube Channel"

Channel Description: Science And Futurism

Music Genre: Ambient / Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Check out the Youtube Channel


"First Contact"

"Energy Channel"

Watch one of the videos:

"Tiffany Lauren Mason YouTube Channel"

Channel Description: Lifestyle and Wellness

Music Genre: Electronic Jazz / Smoooth R&B

Check out the Youtube Channel


"Venice Trip"

"Black Lemonade"

"Fermi Paradox"

Watch one of the videos: